Lead, Follow or be Left Behind! Secure Digital Content Delivery Services.

Posted by Kevin Flanigan

Asecure digital content delivery systemst a recent quarterly Business Review with one of our top print customers we did what would have been the unthinkable just a few years ago; we presented the benefits of moving their content to the cloud and to digital media.  Cloud based content is a reality and will soon be the preferred method of distributing content.   Similar to the way desktop publishing came on the scene changing forever the way pages were made up and designed, so will cloud based publishing and distribution.  It's your choice. Will you lead, follow, or be left behind.  Failure to act will result in the loss of customers as they pursue Secure Digital Content Delivery Services. 

Benefits of a Digital Delivery System

  • It’s green: Save on many natural resources and electricity:  Paper and ink are the two major raw materials in the printing process.  They use a number of resources during their manufacturing process. Paper manufacturing has been a major pollutant across the country for decades tinting large amounts of water, not to mention enormous electricity usage, during manufacturing.  Then it all has to be transported using up petroleum products.  Making the move to Digital Distribution immediately eliminates the consumption of these natural resources.
  • It save significant money:  Again paper and ink are two printing costs that are seemingly unavoidable for any business.  On average material makes up 80% of the cost of printing.  That is unless you start to make the move to a paperless digital process.
  • It makes content available to your customer faster.  The conventional print process for a published text book takes weeks if not months.  When the final edits are completed on a digital content it is immediately available for distribution.  Edits are made to the digital content real time which gives instant access to the new content.  Distributing product information and training material digitally has substantial benefits by ensuring that technicians and customers always have the most up to date information. 

By bringing these facts to the table we endeared ourselves to the customer, proving we are with them through the life of their project.  We continue to provide first class Digital Print, but as we are successfully transitioning them into the world of Secure Digital Content Delivery Services as well.

 As advocates we also point out the potential problem areas to watch out for; working with a partner that shares your vision will minimize pitfalls and ensure a successful transition.

Is your organization starting to make the move to digital content?  Are you considering making the change to digital distribution? 

Before you Race to Digital Content.  We recommend you review the free guide offered below.  Here is a short excerpt.

Getting Ready

Ensure the on screen medium works for your audience and is aligned with your goals.  Many assumptions about digital delivery are not proven out in practice. Participants need to be prepared for online study; this includes clarity about what is expected and required of them.  Your team needs to include all the usual suspects.  Courseware developers should be encouraged to explore all types of online media that will help create a unique user experience. Existing editors should be involved in online course design, and explore if print rules apply to online.  Online courses should incorporate sound.

10 Things to Consider Before Racing to Digital Content  


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