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Protect, share and track your digital content with eServe.

We live in an information age where even the simplest email can fall into the wrong hands. As your organization does business, how much content are you losing control of on a daily basis?

Content sharing platforms like email, collaboration tools and FTP systems make it easier than ever to share information. The only problem is that once you send the documents, the control is out of your hands. As a sender, you hand control directly to the end user and have to trust that they’ll keep your data private and secure.

With so much at stake for your organization, you need a better solution for digital content delivery.

eServe Helps You Control Digital Delivery through the Cloud

With eServe you can easily control content distributed to vendors, employees, potential customers and more.

  • Share content from anywhere – distribute your content from storage in the Cloud, your collaboration tool or learning management system – but retain control with E-Serve.
  • Send multiple file types and rich media – encrypt video, audio, text files, PDFs and HTML packages.
  • Set recipient controls – limit access for a certain time period and terminate access remotely.
  • Track viewership – detailed analytics give you insight into user behavior.
  • No installation required – experience the only cloud based option for content control.
A Leader in Content Management

DocuServe has been a leader in digital printing and document management since 1994. We offer state-of-the-art printing, mailing, and document library management services using the most advanced technologies and strategies available.


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