Digital Content Services

Digital Content Services

DocuServe has been packaging customer content for since 1994. Re-engineering its deliverables as commerce changed over the years. Moved from Offset to digital. To publishing online via PDF file. Now we can take those stogie PDFs and make them in to user friendly e-Books.

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Fully functioning eBooks from your PDF files.

  • Customizable UI includes branding with your logo
  • Flip book and Presentation displays available
  • Graphical Index
  • Bookmarks are imported
  • Search functionality
  • Go to functionality
  • Embedded events
    • Video
  • Links to web pages

DosuServe can take your PDF file from flat to fantastic

PDFs leaving you flat?

he majority of technical and training eBooks are nothing more than the PDF created to print the document packaged in a viewer. The results are drab and uninteresting.

Moving to eBooks will increase the amount of time technicians and end-users, spend with your content, this pays dividends down the road, with increased efficiencies and self service.

Adding a background color makes the eBook more appealing, navigation tools make it easier to find the content you’re interested in utilizing. The two page spread option makes it more familiar.

Let DocuServe add value to your existing library of PDF documents. For a FREE sample eBook using your content! Fill out the form above